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The first page of your website is like a virtual front door to your property. One way to show that your property is holiday friendly is by applying a Winter holiday theme to your website pages. Snow animations and wreath banners will make your website more fun and festive. It has to make people smile. I have a virtual tour on my website which enables guests to see what their accommodation is like and if there are too many stairs for people to get up to the top floor. I was asked the other day if I would put a stenna chair lift in for guests who were potentially coming for a week… my answer was no! They didn’t come..

One of the most important apsects of your website is to be user friendly by optimising your site for mobile visitors: have the information pared down for what they are looking for when on their mobiles. B&B owners need to provide unique experiences for their guests while retaining a high level of professionalism and ease.

The platform I use is Wix which enables small business owners like myself to have a high-value tool that is powerful yet flexible enough to fit the unique needs of my B&B.

There are many other excellent sites out there which you can use: SO MY ADVICE IS CHECK THEM OUT AND FIND OUT WHICH IS THE BEST FOR YOU

Find out what is happening in your area over the Xmas holidays: What fixtures are there for families with children to attend? . Any National gardens open with a Xmas Theme? Are there any winter wonderlands or Christmas plays being performed near you? The National Trust offers a full calendar of festive activities and events around you in some of Britain’s most stunning country parks and homes.

Use your social media platforms and blog to help generate more traffic to your website. Let them know what they can expect at your property through Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Research holiday related Hashtags that receive a lot of engagements. Better than ramming room rates down their throats!


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